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Welcome to openFATE for Hackweek VII (26.-30.9.2011)

SUSE is once again sponsoring a Hack Week. This is an opportunity for SUSE’s developers to use their Innovation Time Off and hunker down and work on the projects that catch their fancy.

Hack Week projects can be new features, new applications, or improvements to existing services and applications. Previous Hack Weeks have generated projects like Tasque, Giver, Debian package support in the openSUSE Build Service, and many others. Hack Week is also a chance for SUSE employees to work with the openSUSE Community contributors if they wish on projects that help improve openSUSE.

You don’t have to be a SUSE employee to participate! If you’d like to hack on something cool and useful, you’re welcome to join in!

We’ll be collecting ideas in openFATE for Hack Week, so if you’d like to contribute an idea, just go to openFATE and log in with your openSUSE account. Then select “Create” and add your feature, as well as any test or use cases.

If you’d like to help implement one of the ideas, check out the features that are already in openFATE for Hack Week VII. Go to “Browse” and select Hack Week VII as the Product, and you’ll see all of the proposed features for Hack Week.

Have questions about Hack Week? See the the Hack Week Portal page for more details and contact information.


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Have fun!