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Provide icons and other information for desktop choice during installation

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Duplicate of #313047
Status: New


Currently, in the graphical installer, there is a radio-button list to choose “Computer Role” and desktop. The options are as follows (May 2017):
* Workstation with KDE Plasma
* Workstation with GNOME
* Server (Text Mode)
* Custom
No additional information is provided.
In my opinion, icons or logos for the choices makes it easier to identify the options. Descriptions, screenshots, and comparisons to Windows and macOS are going to make the decision for first-time users who are not familiar with Linux much easier. Also, it might be good to mention that we have an official manual for Gnome.
Pros: Adding icons conveys the list options more clearly; adding descriptions and screenshots helps first-time users.

Cons: Extra effort to keep info and translations up-to-date. This might be mitigated by reusing icons and descriptions from the package patterns.

User benefit:

This helps most users who use the graphical installer with relatively little effort.

Curious newcomers can make a well-informed choice that suits their needs. Hopefully the first of many.


  • Duplicate of feature #313047:


First-time user coming from Windows or macOS tries out openSUSE. The terms “KDE Plasma” and “GNOME” might not mean much, but with screenshots, descriptions, comparisons to Windows and macOS, the choice is made easier.

A user familiar with Linux sees icons and can select his preferred choice more quickly.


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