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An explicit list of "manually" installed packages

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apt-get (by means of apt-mark showmanual/showauto), pacman (pacman -Qe), emerge (cat /var/lib/portage/world) provide a user with a possibility to view the list of packages, which were "manually (explicitly) installed". Any package requested directly by the user (but not it's dependencies), will get into such list. For example, if A requires B, C, D, and I command "apt-get install A", A will get in this list, B, C, D will not. However, these package managers also provide a possibility to mark packages as manually/automatically installed. Those packages in such list will never be auto-removed (unless because of broken dependencies). Any package not being required by some package from that list, and not present in that list, will be autoremoved (apt-get autoremove, pacman -Qdt, emerge --depclean).
Could the similar behaviour be added into openSUSE/zypper? Though "unneeded" packages are being managed, it seems implicit and closed to the user.

User benefit:

With a possibility to view and change the list of explicitly installed packages, keeping system clean will be much easier. For example, in my current Debian system, I have 2395 packages installed, of which 472 are marked as manually installed. Thus, there is no need for me to browse through the list of 2395 packages if I want to check if there is something I need no more. I check the list of 472 explicitly installed packages, and if I find something I don't need, I remove it, and all of its dependencies (if they are not required by any other package from the list) will be marked for autoremoval.


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