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Detect and repair network config messed up by ifaces name change

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Leap 42.1 introduced a change in how the network interfaces are renamed in comparison to 13.X. This is documented in the release notes (https://doc.opensuse.org/release-notes/x86_64/openSUSE/Leap/42.1/#idm140289651648224 )

Tumbleweed uses the same approach that 13.X.

So it's not unusual for an openSUSE system to end up in a situation in which the network configuration is broken due to the mix of both naming schemes.

As Ludwig Nussel suggested in Bug #1000732 (https://bugzilla.suse.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1000732#c6 ), it would be nice if YaST could detect the situation and offer a convenient and user-friendly way to fix the mess.


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