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YaST service manager doesn't handle Instantiated Services ("foo@.service")

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YaST2 service manager can't handle "Instantiated Services", for example "openvpn@.service".

Expected behaviour:

If a user tries to enable or start such a service,
- display an input box to get the parameter name
- enable/start "openvpn@$userinput.service"

https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/show_bug.cgi?id=960298 for technical details.

Arvin called this a "non-trivial feature request" in the bugreport, but I slightly doubt. In python-like pseudocode, it's something like

def handle_enable_button(): 
servicename = servicelist.selected_service.name # assuming this does not include the ".service" suffix
### begin added code
if servicename.endswith('@')
param = get_user_input("Please enter the parameter to use")
servicename = servicename + 'param'
### end added code
shell_exec("systemctl enable " + servicename)


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