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Check filesystem fat32 (or others) before copy files larger than 4Gb

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Problem: When I copy a file large than 4Gb (using nautilus) in a pendrive formatted in Fat32 (typical), the copy fails when past over 4Gb indicating "fail copy". That is because Fat32 do not support files over 4Gb, but I forgot that, then nautilus fails later 10 minutes to copy. ¡10 minutes waiting for error, that can be anticipated!
Posible solution: Maybe useful to check if the file is larger than the filesystem support before start copy. Why let to pass 10 minutes to tell me if I wrong?

Nautilus also makes some validations before start copy, for example verify the sum of files is larger than space available, this maybe another one.

yes i'm fool, but machines are intended for resolves my problems XD, thanks


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