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Installation over WiFi should scan for available ESSID

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When installing TW over WiFi, the system asks the user to enter the ESSID manually. That is unixy, like in the seventies.

Nowadays, people expect easy, they expect the system to scan the available networks and present a list to the user to pick from. This is the common way of operating, on every modern system. I've never had to input the ESSID manually anywhere else, except recently, when installing TW.


icons/user_comment.png A. W. wrote: (2 years ago)

The request title is not really right.
It is possible to scan for ESSID.
But: The complete W-LAN installation is (like descripted) not so good.
Today user want to install W-LAN by selecting rigth ESSID und after this just entering Password. May be choosing securety level of W-Lan.
In Suse you has to choose type of encription and....
A lot of qustions many user do not know and another systems (also Mint as example for an another Linux) do not ask.

So Request title is wrong, but the request is important.

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