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Let Zypper list updates during update process

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One of the most common ways to install updates on openSUSE is to use the terminal command

zypper up

Which (if any) gives back a list of updates to be installed. I find this list pretty unhandy and ugly. The

zypper lu

command comes with a much nicer and more comprehensive list. I would like to see "zypper update" creating a similar (or the same) list before asking the user to accept the changes.

User benefit:

It's mostly because it looks better. But also, it helps the user understand what will go on during an update, e.g. pointing to potential vendor changes (using the "dup" option) or updates to a version number not desired.


icons/user_comment.png J. E. wrote: (2 years ago)

And I don't - zypper up needs to be concise especially when there are many, many updates - and this happens if you have repos like mingw.

If one command (up) does not give enough information, one can always run another (lu). You can even give the 'd' answer when `zypper up` asks you for y/n/...

[It's like the season problem: if it is cold, you can always put on more, but if it is hot, you cannot remove more than what little there is.]

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