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Hello dear Geeckos,

I find Taskwarrior is a great application of stains management nevertheless use the command line is not the easiest - at least to start - I've also tried a GUI and I find that Taskwarrior-web is an application in ruby and javascript providing Taskwarrior in web interface.

Taskwarrior is available via web rubygem at https://rubygems.org/gems/taskwarrior-web

I know gem2rpm creates a specfile and a rpms; then it is possible to package it into a noarch.rpm but firstly I do not feel comfortable with this procedure because it is mandatory to edit the specfile and secondly I think Taskwarrior-web would be useful to many Taskwarrior user, so I suggest you add this utility to opensuse as a recommended dependencies of taskjuggler.

Thank you for praying time to read the proposal and goodbye.


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