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Freeplane is a fork of Freemind and is a really nice and great mind mapping tool! Freeplane has some feature that Freemind don't have for example: - Node formats - Attributes panel - Integration with Docear - 1.3.x: Inline LaTeX ("LaTeX in core") with LaTeX syntax - - highlighting editor - Node details, and many more....
You can find Freeplane here: http://www.freeplane.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

User benefit:

Freeplane is a nice piece of software that i really like to see in Opensuse. I appreciate that it could be usefull mind mapping software for a lot of people who find freemind not so "handy"....


Freeplane could be usefull if you need a good mind mapping software in your job or study...


I have no test case...


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