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zypp should try another repository when download failed

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A user can configure multiple repo for the same contents. An example is multiple mirrors addresses or local mirrors. However some mirrors are incomplete (miss debug pkgs) or they can be broken.
If zypp try to download from a repo and it fails (download error, wrong hash), it should try to download it from another repo that contains the same package (matching hash).

In zypper, this could be optional (ask the user like the abort/retry/ignore) or simply asusmed by default as matching signature might make it secure.


1) Add multiple repositories for the same contents (a local mirror - higher priority - and a remote mirror)
2) Sync local repo with the remote one
3) Force a problem (remove or alter a local repo package)
4) Ask zypp to install the modified package
5) zypper should inform that the download/validation failed. It should try to download it from another repo.
6) Download and check is ok
7) Package is installed


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