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Network setup during installation

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Currently there is a bit of a bugaboo with the installation of openSUSE that has been a pain in the rear for ages.
By default after first install iufup is chosen to handle the networks on desktops and network manager is selected as default on laptops.
However this can be a troublesome feature as if a new user comes along and wants to use openSUSE on their desktop and may not know how to change the network manager.
Now I understand the need for ifup as its good for servers but I feel better implementation of changing between is needed so I think an extra step during setup is in order.
Sure its an extra step but its a minor one that could help newer users transition into using openSUSE without banging their head trying to figure it out.

User benefit:

Simply put this is a great idea for beginners who may may have heard of openSUSE but may not know some of its quirks.
openSUSE is definitely one of the most beginner friendly distributions for beginners but its network configuration needs a little help and can be a stumbling block if you dont know what you are doing.
By offering better context on setting up the network this could be a big help for those with little to no experience with linux.
Sure it maybe an extra step but think of the new user who has just installed openSUSE and has got all the way to the desktop and stumbles at one of the most common issues in openSUSE.
The need to use network manager as opposed to ifup to connect to the internet, its an issue that I know some have with the distribution and it should be noted or indicated or something during setup how the system is connecting to the internet.
Its a bit like riding an airplane and having a very smooth ride up until the plane has to land and the stewardess insists you fly the plane from here on in, but you have no flight training or experience take the plane in for a landing.


The option to switch between ifup and native network manager should be provided at least near the end of the initial install or during initial setup.
A clear indication is needed for what a new user needs to do to get it working.
There should be a dialog box that reads something along the lines of "network setup"
And something that says "openSUSE offers a choice for network settings for both pros and beginners alike, we offer you the option to choose what method of connection you would like"
And have discriptions of both options:
Use Network manager(for beginners and normal desktop/laptop users)
Use ifup (for experts and servers)

With "use network manager as the default and those who want to make a server can use the latter.


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