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NTP server from DHCP request should be considered at Installation

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I always get into an timeout when installing OpenSuSE before the timezone settings have to get applied. Now I'm implemented Option 42 in our DHCP server hoping the installation routine will ask there for a timeserver. But it's not the case :-( Maybe it's possible to implement this for enterprise environements where no external NTP server is allowed?

User benefit:

In environements where access to external time servers is denied the installations get's into a timeout problem before setting the timezone related things. Combining DHCP option 42 and auto reconization of the time server from that would be convinient.


When I install OpenSuSe and have implemented Option 42 in my DHCP server the installation routine should take the timeserver given by DHCP insteed of the "hard coded" ones.


Activate Option 42 in DHCP: installation should use the DHCP timeserver
Disable Option 43 in DHCP: installation should use an pool ntp server


icons/user_comment.png S. M. wrote: (3 years ago)

Adding this would eliminate the need to type the NTP server info into every OpenSuse install and make updates to the settings automatic if the location's NTP options changed.

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