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openSUSE News/Planet on Android

Feature state

Duplicate of #315040
Status: Rejected


openSUSE news and planet are a great source of information on what is happening in the project, and what the contributors are upto. It would be great to have an Android app, which would notify users about new posts on these platforms.

It has become fashionable to use such application design decision as a slide menu and I would like to make this application in such style.
1. There will be 4 buttons in main menu:
• Press "openSUSE News" to go to a page with news from the site openSUSE News.
• Press "openSUSE Planet" to go to a page with news from the site openSUSE Planet.
• "Settings", the user will go to the settings page. User will be able to choose the background color of the page that will display news, as well as the font size and the choice of a static screen orientation. Thus, each user can customize the application as convenient as possible for himself. There will also be a function to notify users about new posts on the site.
• Press "About" to go to a page with information about the application and openSUSE.
If possible, you can add other items to the menu (possible clarification).
2. Will be used action bar, which will contain:
• openSUSE logo. Click on it to go to the main menu.
• Authorization button. Authorization is necessary only for post comments. If you provide site APIs for working with the site, then I could set it up.
• The "refresh" button. Press it for updating the news page.
3. News page.
News page will have the same design as the "openSUSE News" and "openSUSE Planet" website. Each post will have a short description. When you click on a post, user will go to the page where the post is displayed in full-size and with the ability to leave comments and share the news on social networks such as twitter, facebook and google+.
4. The color scheme of the application will be in the style of openSUSE.
That's how I see this application at the moment :)

User benefit:

We want this, because this app will be accumulate all the news from two major sources of infomation such as openSUSE news and planet.
Also, this app will make life easier for many users openSUSE distribution and the entire community of openSUSE.


  • openSUSE Android Application (https://features.opensuse.org/315040)
  • Duplicate of feature #315040:


Demo version is here!


icons/user_comment.png D. F. wrote: (5 years ago)

This is a great idea. IMHO, focusing on news/planet only isn't going far enough. I marked this as related to #315040 to suggest the possibility of collaboration on a single openSUSE app that houses everything. That would be ideal, again, IMHO. Thats just my two cents though. Its truly a great idea regardless!

Last change: 3 years ago
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