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add support for booting from a software raid1 partition

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Yast installer already supports the creation of software raid (md software raid i mean) partitions and correctly manages root partition on raid1, lvm or a combination of both of them, but it does not support at all booting from a /boot partition which is on a software raid1 volume. It allows you to create a redundant /boot partition, but it does not manage grub2 correctly. The result is a system which cannot boot with the first (/dev/sda1) member of the raid volume in a fail state. yast installs grub2 only on the first raid member.

The feature I propose is to enhance yast installer allowing it to manage /boot raid1 partition with grub2 so that a system can boot also with raid1 /boot partition with a failing member


directly from yast installer create a partition layout like this:
sda1, sdb1 -> /dev/md0 -> /boot (ext4)
sda2. sdb2 -> /dev/md1 -> swap
sda3, sdb3 -> /dev/md2 -> lvm volume group -> / (ext4)
sda3, sdb3 -> /dev/md2 -> lvm volume group -> /home(ext4)
and correctly install grub2 so that the system is able to boot also with a failing raid1 member.


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