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Installation DVD should be deactivated by default in the repositories list

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In the list of repositories, the installation DVD is now activated by default. This causes an irritating error when trying to install software: you always get an error report stating that the DVD is not available. Because the DVD is, of course, no longer in the drive....

This is especially confusing for beginners with openSUSE. A bad first impression.

The only way to get rid of this, is by deactivating the DVD in the repositories list in YaST. It would be much better, if the DVD would be deactivated *by default*. Still in the list, but not activated.

Most people will never want to use the DVD again for installing software, anyway. And if you do want to use it again (when you have no internet?), it's easy to activate it in YaST.

User benefit:

- Removes an irritating useless error report;
- Improves the first impression of openSUSE.


icons/user_comment.png G. D. wrote: (5 years ago)

I'm using openSUSE 12.2 and, by default, the DVD is enabled but not ticked for auto-refresh. This is unchanged from previous releases. I never get any error messages from YAST for the DVD being unavailable.

I did try installing 12.3-M0 on a machine via a USB-drive and this drive appeared in the list with auto-refresh enabled. This triggered a warning when the drive was removed but did not recur once I'd disabled auto-refresh.

Sorry, but I don't see a problem with CD/DVD installation.

icons/user_comment.png P. K. wrote: (5 years ago)

The error message is being triggered when you try to run "Install/Remove software" in the graphical environment or "zypper up" in the terminal. In a clean installation.

The fact that "auto refresh" is disabled for the install DVD, does not make any difference for this particular error to happen.

Note: I use openSUSE 12.2 with the Xfce desktop environment. Probably not relevant for this error, though....

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