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Make Yakuake a part of the KDE standard desktop set

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For those of you who don't know Yakuake: It's a KDE Terminal Emulator (like konsole or xterm). It's normally hidden and rolls down the screen when you press a certain hotkey (usually F12) and provides a multitabbing, skinnable terminal interface.

Website: http://yakuake.kde.org/

Such a built in, but easy to hide, terminal emulator is certainly handy for the power user but it might also be useful to be able to tell novices to simply press F12 to open up a console.

On the con side of course is the fact that it uses resources (not much, but still) that the user might need somewhere else.

I think it might be an interesting idea and would like to use this platform to discuss it and see if there's enough people that are interested as well.


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