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New mechanism to install locale-specific packages

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Some packages shipped with openSUSE are locale-specific packages. These packages are essential for non-English users. Current mechanism to install such packages is YaST's language setting module. However, it has problems like:

  • All of locale-specific packages are installed. We cannot select part of them.
  • If we use "zypper inr", other recommended packages are also installed.
  • It start to install packages suddenly after clicking OK without any messages. We cannot cancel.

My feature request is improvement of installation mechanism for these packages. First of all, local-specific packages are classified into two types:

  • (a) translation
  • (b) input methods, fonts

Since these types have different property each other, I think we should prepare new mechanisms for each type.

For (a):

A new button "Install translation packages" on the language setting modue

A translation package contains transrated messages and it is created for each application or library. Since it is hard to install translations one by one for install packages, we need a special treat.

The language setting module should not install automatically after changing locale. It should start to install after this button. If possible, we should support to install such packages for multiple (selected) locales and uninstall (unselected) ones.

A new command corresponding to the button above for zypper like:

$ zypper install-new-reccomends -t translations
$ zypper install-translations ja

Add tags to translation packages like:

provides: translation(zh)
provides: translation(ja)
provides: translation(kr)

We should not describe like:
provides: translation(zh;ja;kr)
because we cannot search from "zypper search".

For (b):

New patterns that contains locale-specific packages

The other type of language-specific packages can be installed relatively easily. Users can understand what packages are provided for the locale which they use. To install all of recommended packages as before, they just install a pattern like locale-ja.

Another approach is welcome to fix these problem. How do you think?

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