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Mad Wifi drivers, repositories requested to be included on DVD, yast

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I think it would be good to include the mad wifi repositories as part of the yast system on the DVD install that you download from the site.

In addition to the repository being included.. have the mad wifi drivers be present as part of the start up install program so that in the event of an atheros card, or other card that uses the madwifi, being detected, these drivers are automatically installed upon detection... then no ethernet cable would even be needed.

User benefit:

Would be much more efficient especially in this day when so many of us use laptops and only laptops. Ethernet cables are very inconvenient to have to use and look for just so you can get your wifi working... if the drivers are already there then this need is eliminated and the whole process is much more streamlined and trouble free, even enjoyable... then it should work out of the box for most folks.


Whenever I need to reinstall my system, because of the atheros card I have, the wireless is never detected. So I have to find or buy an ethernet cable (something I don't normally use AT ALL) for my laptop, google and look for the wiki page that talks about the mad wifi repositories (so glad they have one btw) copy the URL and paste into my repositories, then start up yast and look for everything related to my atheros card with the new repositories installed. The madwifi drivers are the only thing that will make my wireless work. This process would be so much simpler if it would just be included from the start.. even more so if the madwifi drivers are detected upon installation.

I'm sure that if I have this problem there are others that do also.


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