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add menu tree in kickoff menu search

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In the KickOff menu, there is a search window allowing a user to search for and find an application by name, but this search box does not show the user where this application is located in the menu tree.

It would be helpful, as the menu entry is found, to display the whole menu tree path to the application.

User benefit:

It can be difficult to discover or find applications that have been installed.

Knowing the path will help the user understand their menu tree better, and assist them with discovering similar applications installed by default (or two years ago and forgotten :-) )


Install dvdstyler. The uses does not know where it is located in the menu tree. A first guess looking in /multimedia/editing and the user will not find dvdstyler.

The user types "dvds" in the search box, and sees "dvdstyler". The application can be launched from the search results, but if was shown the exact place (multimedia/writer/dvstyler), the user would more easily find it next time


icons/user_comment.png A. J. wrote: (6 years ago)

I suggest to report this to the KDE bugzilla as feature request.

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