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Replace KDE NM plasmoid with wicd-KDE

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Overall I have been greatly impressed with the KDE version of OS 12.1 and I feel this distro is 98% of the way to being the perfect desktop Linux distribution. There is just one dodgy app letting the side down and that is the KDE Networkmanager plasmoid. I'm sure the KDE NMP is fine for people who only use ethernet but it seems to suffer multiple problems dealing with wifi such as:
* I seem to be to be able to connect to wifi networks OK if its the first time. After that it seems unwilling to connect to a network that has already been used - after a reboot for exanmple - even if 'Connect automatically' has been chosen.
* Switching between access points/networks in unintuitive, in fact I still don't know how to do this using the NM plasmoid. Its usability stinks and I find its GUI overly busy, cluttered and confusing.
* Will someone please just kill KDE wallet and related tech now please? I have never and likely will never want a password to access my passwords!! The whole idea seems dumb to me and unfortunately the KNMP has bought into this way of doing things. Thankfully, wicd stores wifi keys without any extra hassle of putting a password on your passwords passwords! :)

I know that if I had not been a long-time Linux user who was not aware of the possibility of installing wicd-kde as a hassle-free, working and user-friendly replacement I would've very likely gave up hope on using opensuse. Like most other desktop users I need wifi to work in a easy and reliable fashion and this fundamental requirement is not fulfilled by the KDE Networkmanager plasmoid which should be replaced in the standard OS KDE distro by wicd-kde.


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