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"Abort all" or "cancel all" button in Yast2 online update window

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It is a very important needed button. Imagine you clicked on yast2 online update and it started to update repositories and then finding updates, now in the middle of these processes you decide to cancel "online update"
and now the headache starts!!! you click on "abort" and it only abort or cancel one process, after a while another repository update process starts and you have to click again on "abort" Button and so on (imagine for example you have 20 repositories) and also you have to hear a loud "Beep" sound every time "abort" a process there.
OK, another way for doing this function (aborting all process) less suffering is to remove internet cable and disconnect Internet. and i think you are agree with me that this way is not good, specially for a 21th century operating system!!!
i think this is a big problem. yast2 online update need a "abort all" button clicking on it lead to closing and canceling all yast2 online update processes.


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