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Integrate PulseAudio with Jack

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Create a pre-configured Jack designed to route through PulseAudio for simpler working of Jack, and transparent treatment of audio.


By integrating Jack and Pulse Audio we can help alleviate the complexity of Linux audio production for users transitioning from other platforms.

For a new Linux user, unfamiliar with Jack and the other software a simple problem or singular failure can look like a systemic problem. Thus leading the user to the conclusion that Linux is unsuitable for pro level audio production.


icons/user_comment.png A. K. wrote: (6 years ago)

I'm not new on linux, but setting my system up to let it produce midi sound was a pain in the ass!!! I use Rosegarden and timidity now, with pulseaudio, so no recording options, only playback.
I never succeeded in a reliable and stable setup with jack and pulseaudio together, meaning being able to use both midisounds and my normal audio apps. I understand that pulseaudio is now the standard in 12.1, so it could not be that difficult anymore?
So if you guys could do this, I will be thrilled and I also think this could be quite a "selling" point for existing users and new ones alike.

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