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Show screenshots to help user choose which desktop to install

Feature state

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Currently, when the user chooses the type of Desktop they want to install they are presented with a rather 'boring' menu with lots of text, describing a little about GNOME, KDE, and how they get to choose

I would like to see screenshots, possibly even a slideshow, of at least GNOME and KDE if not XFCE & LXDE for users to see and help them make their choice about which desktop environment they wish to install.

User benefit:

We have KDE selected by default, covering the 'I don't care/know just let me install this thing' userbase
More advanced users probably have enough knowledge that they never read the text and already have their decision made and go straight to their DE of choice

But I think we currently do a disservice to an important demographic of inquisitive users who want to choose but might not have the information yet to make one

Right now, a user who doesn't know what GNOME or KDE looks like get nothing from our installer, they have to install it, try it, and if they dont like it, install the other one..

I'd argue inquisitive users is one group openSUSE is brilliantly placed to serve, as we offer so many options, so let's make it a little easier for them to make an initial choice they will be more likely to like from day 1


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icons/user_comment.png R. G. wrote: (6 years ago)

Beside the fact that one have a bar on top and the other on the bottom, can you decide which desktop will fit your work-flow with screen shots like these ones?



look here for more screen shots: http://en.opensuse.org/Product_highlights

A screen shot will
never help clueless users to decide. They will never be able to understand the "one click to select, one click to open" behaviour of KDE from a screen shot, for example, or how to browse your file system on gnome.

If you want to help clueless users you need to do something for them
before they download the DVD, not during install...

icons/user_comment.png m. m. wrote: (6 years ago)

I did not agree with you Ricardo.
As I came to linux I had never heard of the different desktops and that someone on this stage can gather information about them in a useful kind is not given. The text wave is to high.
So the way through the installation system( or better a unified live system with choosing option) is better.

But it should not be with sideshows. Short video sequences about 1 minute that could be selected by the user would be more valuable to show the general taste of GNOME or KDE. That is a thing that could be done. -> Differences in clicking behavior might be to special.

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