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openSUSE Kids Edition/Mode

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openSUSE Distribution


OpenSUSE kids edition is an idea of creating a distribution or mode for kids. This should include (but not limit to):-
*Wallpapers, Icons, themes... that would appeal to kids.
*an internet or programs filter to block harmful things
*games, programs related to education and fun(programs like tuxpaint, google chrome, and many games).

User benefit:

this would appeal to parents because they would probably want a safe and fun environment for their kids to play with and learn from at the same time.
it will create an openSUSE army for the future :).


a parent who cares about what his kids see in the virtual world.


icons/user_comment.png m. m. wrote: (6 years ago)

you can find some prepared appliances that already focus on such task.
To set up a spin(that is what you locking for) for special proposes is a thing of much work.
There are some approaches like openSUSE Medical which suffer exactly on this.
You can also look at:

I´ve not locked at, but may be it gives you a kind of what you want.

icons/user_comment.png m. m. wrote: (6 years ago)

One word more:
I can understand that you want to have separate stuff from the recognizing sphere of your child, but it will not work.
Every time you have something in the filter(you can use proxy if you want) that should not be shown on the Operating system, there will be the next big thing that comes out(e.g hitting videos, rotten neighbor, I´ve also seen some mobbing sides that focus on teens-> forgotten name; etc, etc, and so on) and you child will get in contact with.
This causes a hugh amount of maintenance for the filter. This to manage with a openSource community is a problem, because each maintainer will recognize some different things in the category of absolutely not showing to childs and other will not.
Also some parents see social networks at whole as send from evil, or books or films, or .. ). All that beside what the most would see as problematic to a child of a special age.
You will get interesting and never ending discussions.
I don´t thing that you can harmonize such blocking interest.
That´s all not on the idea of free(and yes, with this also the bad things come with), but if you really want to have it:

http://dansguardian.org/?page=news and for blacklisting with this program:

Look at the blacklist and you will see that you can agree to points and ask yourself by other if they must be on the list.

icons/user_comment.png S. K. wrote: (11 months ago)

openSUSE education/ Life is that, what you need: https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Education-Li-f-e

Your child can learn with games with it.

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