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Add option of UDF format to Yast partition manager

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UDF is an universal disk format file system, which can be used on optical rewritable and non-rewritable media, USB flash drives and hard drives.

The file system is supported by all modern operating systems, including Windows, BSD, MacOS X, Solaris, OS/2|eComStation, BeOS|Haiku as well as Linux kernel, making it one of the best choices to use when transferring data between platforms.

UDF also has optional built-in ability to minimize wearing-off of rewritable media with limited rewrite cycles such as flash, CD-RW and DVD-RAM by evenly distributing load over the media, including access to the allocation table.

Despite this Yast2 partition manager does not suggest option to format a volume into UDF, thus forcing to use a mkudffs command line tool.


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