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Kernel updates removes user choices from /boot/grub/menu.lst

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When doing a kernel patch or update (as in eg zypper dup), the upgrade process re-writes the menu.lst entries for the kernel parameters with the default string from /etc/sysconfig/boot-something.conf
Not a lot of end-users are aware of that file (in my case it took 5 years to realise what was happening), and are instead constantly having to re-write missing kernel paraemters into the menu.lst file.
For instance, most sane folks would use splash=verbose as opposed to splash=silent, and for anyone using console=, brokendriver=, etc this is quite disasterous in the case of remote systems that suddenly become unreponsive / unreachable as a result of the kernel upgrade changing very important parameters.

Instead of taking the default from an obscure config file that no other distro even uses, I'd suggest that the kernel param line is taken as-is from the menu.lst / elilo.conf files, not set to some static value.

User benefit:

Because I have spent hours trying to recover remote systems where I lost the console=ttyS0 serial console and a brokendriver= clause that caused the remote systems in question to fail to boot following a simple kernel patch.


Wanting to preserve eg
console=ttyS0 console=tty0

across kernel updtaes


icons/user_comment.png A. M. wrote: (6 years ago)

Just edit value DEFAULT_APPEND in /etc/sysconfig/bootloader ;)

icons/user_comment.png S. Q. wrote: (6 years ago)

AND menu.lst should give a more explicit hint like the following:

To prevent manually added boot parameters from being overwritten on kernel updates, use "yast2 bootloader" or edit value DEFAULT_APPEND in /etc/sysconfig/bootloader.

icons/user_comment.png A. P. wrote: (6 years ago)

Not to forget the very important nomodeset option to avoid broken open source drivers from being loaded.

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