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openSUSE Linux 12.1: Create a new YaST.

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My suggestion is to join all the features of
YaST2 ,with
Webmin , the
Horde , the
ISPConfig ,
Froxlor , the
SysCP , the
MCC , the
RouterOS , the
FreeRADIUS , the
SAGU-PRO , the
OpenNMS , the
Cacti , the
CiscoWorks , the
Collectd , the
Nagios , the
Zentyal , the
SME Server , the
N2RRD , the
Observium , the
Munin , the
MRTG , the
RRDtool , the
TclMon , the
Zabbix , the
ispCP , the
NetXMS , the
Isyvmon , the
Zarafa and
MDS , after this union of features, it would create a new YaST3, more everything that was spoken in the feature:


icons/user_comment.png G. I. wrote: (6 years ago)

My suggestion is to complement what exists, to get better: YaST3

icons/user_comment.png K. L. wrote: (6 years ago)

>My suggestion is to complement what exists, to get better: YaST3
Bullshit imho. The YaST people are doing some big shifts now. Moving to another version controll and something like this. YaST2 is working well. Only the performance is a bit slow, this should be the biggest prioritory imho.


icons/user_comment.png S. M. wrote: (6 years ago)

As the saying goes, 'Rome was not built in a day'.

Some of your recently requested features are distant ideas. They are nothing but lists of SWAGs. And no one can implement all of them at a time.

Do not get greedy. Focus on a simple and specific feature and try to mention as concretely as possible.

For example, just saying 'join all the features of YaST2 with Webmin' is not considered a concrete proposal. You should explain which features of Webmin are necessary but haven't been implemented yet in YaST. Otherwise, your requests will be just ignored.

icons/user_comment.png G. I. wrote: (6 years ago)

I have no pseudocode, I do not want to generalize.

On the YaST, I can summarize what is necessary in certain items:

Add full support for
IPv6 .

Increase support for
cloud computing .

Increase management and server monitoring.

Create a module to manage
ISP to replace software such as ISPConfig, Webmin, Horde, among others. For example: In ISPConfig you must install several separate packages. The ideal would be to have this module, you install these packages at once and get quick and easy to configure.

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