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Enable Sub-Pixel-Hinting

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To improve the look of fonts, enable the Sub-Pixel-Hinting.
The patents that lead to subpixel font hinting being turned of by default in the freetype2 library have now expired!
So please enable this feature in version 12.1.
Ubuntu (since 10.4?) has already enabled it.


  • advanced subpixel hinting in freetype2 (https://features.opensuse.org/312817)


icons/user_comment.png R. G. wrote: (7 years ago)

I think you are confusing
font hinting with
sub pixel rendering . They are two different technologies. While I agree to activate hinting by default with "soft" stile, I do not like sub pixel rendering. At least for me,

font hinting and anti aliasing: yes

sub pixel rendering: no

icons/user_comment.png P. L. wrote: (7 years ago)

I think what is needed is to have the options left as they are i.e. user selectable however the default should be on with an option to disable so that no one is forced to take a particular path. With this said I would go one step further and include the Subpixel hinting with infinality patchset which is currently in the build service here:

it is only with this patch applied that fonts really achieve. their best on laptop screens in IMHO.

icons/user_comment.png S. F. wrote: (7 years ago)

I agree with the proposal of Peter Lusmore, thank you for the quick response.
I think it would greatly improve openSuse to improve the fonts. When I look at Ubuntu, which currently have just significantly better fonts. That's one of the first things that the user perceives a distribution.

icons/user_comment.png M. M. wrote: (6 years ago)

Hello, guys & gals!

Ok, we have freetype2-devel package in 12.1 at version 2.4.7 currently (see:
http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/12.1/repo/oss/suse/x86_64/freetype2-devel-2.4.7-1.2.x86_64.rpm.mirrorlist ). But what about freetype package? It's currently at version 1.3.1 (see: http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/12.1/repo/oss/suse/x86_64/freetype-1.3.1-1405.1.2.x86_64.rpm.mirrorlist ), which completely unsupported in upstream - that's the reason of bad fonts rendering in openSUSE!

I propose to move to freetype2 package by default. Is that possible?

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