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Add NTP servers from NTP.br

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Add NTP.br in
openSUSE Linux 12.1 :

User benefit:

Brazilian users will have convenient list of ntp servers maintained by - "NTP.br - A Hora Legal Brasileira, via Internet" offered by country server menu in YaST NTP config module


  • Bug 707408 - Additional NTP server entries for NTP client Configuration (https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=707408)


icons/user_comment.png P. J. wrote: (6 years ago)

I guess what you're asking is that the ntp.br time-servers be added to the list available in YaST at time of installation?

icons/user_comment.png R. D. wrote: (6 years ago)

Looks like it "the National Observatory, the Brazilian institution legally responsible .. feed public NTP (Network Time Protocol) servers, accessible through Internet. The public servers are:"
{a,b,c,gps}.ntp.br & {a,c,d}.stl.ntp.br which looks very reasonable list :)

icons/user_comment.png R. D. wrote: (6 years ago)

I have applied a patch and am testing a,b,c & pool server addresses at ntp.br, from the NTP.br webpage, look good to me -

icons/user_comment.png G. I. wrote: (6 years ago)

Per Jessen,

That's what I want.

Robert Davies,

This has to be applied to the installation of openSUSE Linux 12.1.

icons/user_comment.png R. D. wrote: (6 years ago)

Will see what I can do, thanks for confirming the patch resolves this Fate entry.

icons/user_comment.png A. J. wrote: (6 years ago)

Robert, will you push this to the YaST developers? Thanks!

icons/user_comment.png R. D. wrote: (6 years ago)

Yes, happy to. Whois seemed to check out & the servers seem good despite being so far away :)

icons/user_comment.png K. C. wrote: (13 months ago)

Seems to have been completed a while back.

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