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Linux administrative toolkit

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Create Linux administrative toolkit to provide multiple distribution administrative tool.
This set should contains cli, cui and gui tools.
Also prepare documentation of usability to help creating similar tools.

Also add metapackage to install each tool from this set.

User benefit:

Actually Fedora with other teams creating tools like PackageKit, PolicyKit, etc. That's great idea but some distribution have own administrative tools, so don't ships fedora's tool.
Linux have some problems on accessing to school markets and allow to accessing some services, because no one set of administrative tools are existing. We have many tools, like smart, Yast, PackageKit, etc. but no promotional action, no set of this tool and no way to install it by few clicks.

To make Linux market bigger we need push Linux into schools, but we need one popular set of tools to manage Linux desktop/server.

Teachers can't believe students will use the same distribution on work or home, so Linux isn't popular in schools. I also in school learned Ubuntu and Fedora. On high-school i works on Debian. In home in only uses OpenSUSE. When administrator, student or teacher would install one common for many distributions administrative set of tools via one click employers would have less trouble with finding Linux administrators.


Alex is a student. On school he learn Common Linux administrative tool. He will install it on future work and won't teach a new administrative tools when changing work, etc.

Peter works as repairer of computers. He will use the same administrative tools on each computer, so he offer to work only if user allow to install it.


icons/user_comment.png S. L. wrote: (7 years ago)

I think, that we must first prepare usability documentation and selects tools with fit to it. We can also this about libyastui(libyui) to automatically creating user interfaces that fit to this specification.
Next we must prepare one single page, where we would promote many tools, like user frontend for packagekit, user frontend for policykit, etc. In last step we must create meta package for this tool and make sure it will be available in most popular distributions.

It's true that Linux is very similar in console user interface, but in GUI there's no common tool and also we need make console more common, like create package-install multi distribution tools for install packages from console.

icons/user_comment.png a. v. wrote: (2 years ago)

Description too vague. And op is asking for tools which is non existent or has mentioned what specific packages he wants.

And op remember openFATE is not meant to ask features from upstream.

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