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Software search (webpage) shoud use automatic home repros when nothing other

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..could be found.(The title was to long)
When I using the Software search website
it happens frequently to me that nothing could be found with the default search options.
A switch in the search options to "Include users' home projects" could be performed manually, which contains often the missed software. But it would be a simple time saving modification when the search would do the switch automatic when the Software is in no regular repro.
To point it out:
When it could not found in the regular repros, show the user the results with the home repros and not show:
"No packages found in the openSUSE build service that matched your query. Maybe you want to extend your search using the search options."

I think this would be more user friendly.


icons/user_comment.png P. L. wrote: (7 years ago)

I wonder if this could be added to a future version of OBS webui. Seems logical to me. That said, the packages in the home: repos are of varying quality. Some are as good as Factory, some are not. So, we need to add some caveat there.

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