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AuthorizedKeysCommand patch for openssh OR openssh-lpk

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There has long been a need to combine opensshd authorized keys with ldap. A couple of solutions have come about, and I would love to see one of these make it mainstream with opensuse.
Here is one patch I have found that is supposedly being implemented on both Fedora and RHEL6 products:
Of course there is the openssh-lpk patch as well.

My company has standardized on suse some time ago, but by policy we require dual factor authentication (key and password). We can not move to an ldap solution until there is a way to integrate ssh keys into ldap. We are a growing company and it is getting to the stage where it is painful to manage each server individually without a centralized system for authentication.

User benefit:

This would make the SuSE suite of products SOOO much more business friendly while keeping security a priority (also important for businesses).


If you have 200 servers, and a requirement for ssh keys, you have to install the key on each server every time you hire somebody new. (Or if you let somebody go, you have to remove it from each server.) Using ldap+ssh keys would allow you to do that from one place.


icons/user_comment.png B. W. wrote: (7 years ago)

Of course, there are other (possibly more robust) approaches to deal with the use-case. e.g. having one master-copy of the authorized_keys file and doing

for i in `seq 1 200` ; do scp authorized_keys server$i:.ssh/ ; done

This avoids a single point of failure.

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