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Improved partitioning suggestions for full encrypted installations

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Since the full system encryption was enabled in the openSUSE installation, there was every release a problem with the automatic partitioning suggestions.
Concrete: The installation systems always gives me a partition table that waste, don´t use, the greatest part of my harddrive.
So I have to do the modification manual, which was the first time a strange learning and takes a big amount of time.

It would looks much more professional when this little bug would be fixed for the next distro release.


icons/user_comment.png B. F. wrote: (7 years ago)

First bug open and closed reference
The actual working process with lvm is just a so nice feature when you master and use lvm correctly.

As said in the bug, it's more difficult to reduce or change volume group. The default config is just right for example having a full laptop encrypted.

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