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system ICC color management

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Add a colour management system (CMS) for assigning ICC device profiles to device + driver configurations. Starting with the monitor profiles some colour management aware graphics applications can already use this feature. These cover Scribus, Krita, Gimp, Inkscape and some more.
A open source CMS, which has extensive support for setting up ICC profiles for monitors is Oyranos.
* OpenICC and basICColor profile sets
* libXcm
* libxml2
* yajl
* X11 development libs
* xcalib
Optionally are some more dependencies for CUPS, patched SANE, libraw/exiv2, Qt. lcms2 is desirable.
UIs exist as Kolor Manager (KDE control panel) and Synnefo (Qt).

The library is very modular and can simply be removed if needed.

Most packages (except Synnefo) exist in OBS already.


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