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Kpackagekit: Patches by default, other updates optional

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Since 11.4, the official updater in KDE is now kpackagekit and not kupdateapplet anymore. It gives you by default the notification of patches but also the packages on all the repos enabled.
For a power user it's a nice feature but for a basic user or a user that wants to have choice in softwares but just wants the system to work, it's anoying. Even with few additional repos, it'll give you a huge amount of updates.
For example, you've got just the packman repo enabled, there'll be lots of "micro" version updates (a bit everyday). If you've got to many updates, you won't take the time to sort them, you'll install them all to be no more notified.
An official patch from the update-repo is an update that was tested to not break the system. I shouldn't affect stability or functionalities.
An update on an additional repo isn't tested as much as a patch. You take always a risk to beak something in your system by using an aditionnal repo. You multiply the risk if you update the same packages constantly.
Updating takes also a lot of memory. On low ram systems (like netbooks), it's anoying and can make your system unusable for the time of the update.
In few word, update everything possible is bad for stability and uses a lot of memory.
In kpackagekit you don't have the choice :
- If you remove the other repositories in the preferences, it'll remove it from zypper and yast as well (and you must launch kpk as root to do it, even as it gives the impression you can do it as a normal user).
- If you only choose to apply the patches, it's time consuming (click, click, click) and you're constantly left with a notification that you've got X updates.

Solution : Kpackagekit should by defalut have the option to list/apply only patch from the official update repo as updates. The listing/apply of other updates should be activated optionaly.


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