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make KDE's "kickoff" launcher menu recognizable in "Add widgets"

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Nearly once a month, one of our users somehow manages to vanish his application launcher menu (aka kickoff), angry asking "Where's my green start button gone?!".
Even if he then manages to get to his panel options and find the "Add widgets" function, he'll never discover "my greenish chameleon symbol" there. He's usually completely lost at identifying the entry "Application Launcher Menu" as his missing widget, because that only bears that standard, feebly blue/white "K gear" symbol.
Even if he then manages to remember his missing bit was named like "kick" and types "kick" or "kickoff" in the search field of the "Add widgets" window - he'll find nothing... Why is that?
So I'd like to suggest:
- change the symbol of "Application Launcher Menu"
in the "Add widgets" list to the green "SUSEgreeter"
symbol everybody recognizes at once
- give this entry the keyword "kickoff" so that searching
for "kick*" would reveal exactly this entry
Since I'm a systems administrator and not a developer, PLEASE upstream this to KDE4 if it'd be rather their responsibility.
Many thanks and keep up the good work!!


icons/user_comment.png K. N. wrote: (6 years ago)

Maybe even more?

- if the user (occasionally) deletes the kickoff widget, warn him or her with the following dialog:


You've just deleted the main menu widget (
Kickoff ). You won't be able to launch applications using the menu until it is added again. KDE can restore it for you. Choose one of the following options:
(*) Add Modern menu widget
(*) Add Classic menu widget
(*) Add Lancelot widget
(*) Remind me later
(*) Do nothing

Choose an area to add the menu widget to:
(drop-down list) [ Bottom panel V ]

Remember that you can always press
Alt-F2 and enter a part of the application name to find and launch it.

[ Help ] [ OK ] [ Cancel ]
- if the user chooses "Remind me later" (or presses Cancel), the short message (something like "Your main menu is disabled.") is shown as a Plasma notification on the next login, with a hyperlink named "Click here for the options". Clicking the hyperlink opens the dialog above again.

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