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weak conflicts/softlocks/no-recommends for patterns

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Installation of a pattern also draws in packages that are not in the pattern but only recommended by those listed in the pattern. For the "minimal" pattern this behavior is not desirable though as one really wants a minimal installation without the optional stuff.
Current workaround is to add conflicts to the unwanted, recommended packages. That has the disadvantage that explicitly installing such blocked packages requires deinstallation of the pattern.

Therefore we need some mechanism to block recommended packages. I see several approaches:
1. introduce a weak-conflicts/soft-locks tag in patterns. This tag must be stronger than the recommends tag of packages.
2. add a no-recommends tag to the pattern which would cause the resolver to not honor recommends while installing the pattern
3. add a workaround to yast and hardcode setting the no-recommends flag when the user selects the minimal pattern.


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