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Report system failures to the user

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If a daemon crashes the incident is usually reported to the system log, however on a desktop system such errors may go undetected for months.
openSuSE is in need of an application that notifies the user that something in the background reported an error and what happened, where to find infos about it and so forth.
the application should monitor all relevant logfile locations (/var/log/messages, ~/.xsession-errors,...).

Development / Beta versions of openSuSE should come with that application enabled by default to catch as much errors as possible during development.

User benefit:

I just discovered today that at least during January the NetworkManager crashed on system shutdown.
Whenever I connect my USB headset to my USB3.0 port the kernel spews out lots of warnings.
and probably more things that i did not see now.
A few Quotes from my /var/log/messages(i did not yet look them up, just copied them here):
/usr/sbin/cron[2183]: (CRON) bad username (/etc/cron.d/smolt)
nm-dispatcher.action: Script '/etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/netcontrol_services' exited with error status 127.
kernel: [ 85.849043] start_kdeinit (2581): /proc/2581/oom_adj is deprecated, please use /proc/2581/oom_score_adj instead.

I can't report bugs I don't know, being a Factory user knowing bugs and reporting them before a release would certainly help the release quality.


Connect USB Headset -> kernel writes some warnings -> show them to the user so he knows that that device may not work as expected.
some daemon crashes -> notify user
system suspend -> kdm/splashy tries to call some not existing program -> tell user after restore

system suspend, restore: some driver misses restore functionality -> notify user so he knows that some device may not work correctly after resume (eg rt73usb)


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