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Auto-disable trackpad when external mouse detected

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Give the user the option to request the system automatically disable the trackpad on laptops when an external mouse (USB, Wireless, etc.) is detected.

User benefit:

It would enhance the user experience. I'm told that Windows has this option (though I haven't used Windows in ages.) and I'm also told that other Linux distributions don't seem to have this feature yet either.


In many cases, having the trackpad (which is usually ill-placed where your hands are supposed to rest) causes the typist to accidentally brush against it and cause typing errors.
This is also a problem for some people with accessibility needs who require a different mouse and the trackpad can cause problems.

Control Center offers an option to disable the trackpad in GNOME. (Not sure about KDE) but this is a problem if you do not always attach your mouse to your laptop. Then you have a disabled trackpad the next time you boot up. So it's not a very good workaround to this problem.


icons/user_comment.png J. R. wrote: (7 years ago)

You are certainly looking for Synaptiks (http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/synaptiks?content=114270 ).
It seems to be in default Opensuse repository.
I share the opinion to have it installed by default (kde-install)

icons/user_comment.png K. C. wrote: (16 months ago)

This is now available as an option in KDE Plasma 5.

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