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provide a LiveCD/USB image to crowd-source a HCL

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SUSE manually maintained a Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) but this has disadvantages:
- it covers a limited range of hardware
- parts of it can be outdated or inaccurate
- it is a lot of effort to maintain
On the other hand, people want an easy way to know if their hardware works with the current or next release of openSUSE.
This is why a Live image is proposed that can easily be put to CD or USB-mass-storage and has an easy way (e.g. icon on desktop) to test access to different types of hardware:
- graphics
- sound
- network
- input

This software could then upload the test results to a public online database in anonymous form. This DB could be the smolt DB or something similar in spirit.


icons/user_comment.png B. F. wrote: (6 years ago)

I love too much all sort of tests we can add.
And using smolt (when this one doesn't need hal anymore) could be cool, as we can find OS by our own release name.

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