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Add a short introduction movie to openSUSE in the welcome screen

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When first logging on to openSUSE you are greeted with a small welcome screen with some useful links.
However, for a new user with little computing experience (or one migrating from another OS), the user doesn't really know where to start.

I suggest we add a short introductory clip, which can be activated from the welcome screen, to demonstrate simple and common activities in openSUSE.

I imagine the clip to be in non-technical language, narrated by a talker with a pleasant voice, and with light music in the background.

User benefit:

Makes openSUSE friendlier to a new user.


icons/user_comment.png o. r. wrote: (6 years ago)

A possible clip in my opinion should contain the following:
1. Greet the user to openSUSE, and congratulate him on his choice :)
2. Very short explanation on what openSUSE is.
3. Show how to start Firefox, explain that this is an internet browsing application.
4. Show simple file operations, like moving, copying and deleting files, and browsing your hard drive with Dolphin.
5. Introduce the office suit (just show it exists, not how to use)
6. show how to shutdown/restart openSUSE.
7. Show the calculator.
8. Anything else? open to ideas.

Overall it shouldn't be too long as to bore a user, ~1 minute in length sounds good to me.

icons/user_comment.png V. P. wrote: (6 years ago)

I like the idea. Maybe another thing to put in is a brief message about how to find/access the many applications that openSUSE comes with. I'm not sure of a specific need to point out the calculator. I think it would be tough to fit it all in ~1 minute, but it's okay if it's a bit longer, if they're new, they've just spent considerable time installing it. 2 or 3 minutes won't be a deal-breaker. Of course it would have to have the option of bypassing it. And it would have to be either relatively generic or DE-specific(for KDE, GNOME, XFCE, etc.., etc...) I'm sure there would be no shortage of volunteers, but I've been told I have a soothing voice and would be glad to voice it.

icons/user_comment.png P. G. wrote: (6 years ago)

Any such video/screencast might require much more planning and resources than one first imagines. Since openSUSE is made available in dozens of languages, each would have to be represented either via subtitling or selectable audio tracks (neither of which first-time users would necessarily know how to find). Having it available in only a selection of major languages on the assumption that this would cover a broad base might alienate other users. Alternatively, it would need to be designed with no speech or text at all, and everything being icon- and image-driven. It would also need to be in Ogg Theora or another open codec handled by all the different media players shipped with the distro, else users would be immediately confronted by having to overcome the codec installation hurdle.
Points 1 and 2 are already covered by the existing welcome screen, whilst 3, 5 and 6 could be handled by better design of the default interface (e.g. clearly marked desktop icons with mouseover tooltips, indicating 'Launch Firefox web browser', 'Logout, Restart or Shut Down computer', etc.) For number 4, file operations are very much dependent on the DE, with users possibly using Dolphin, Thunar or various other tools, so I doubt anything useful and generic enough could be conveyed regarding that in such a short timeframe.

I agree that the default setup and welcome interface could be improved. The existing help documentation is too formal in its accessibility (not the text itself or content, just the rather rigid format of the help interface) for many to bother looking at it. Maybe some nicely designed, DE-specific Getting Started pages in HTML could be added to the desktop or menu, but this still requires a big translation effort.

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