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The version of usermod included with SUSE 11.3 does not have the -a option that is included with most other versions of this command, on other distros. Although an -A option was introduced with 11.3, which is a neater way of adding a user to a group, it would be nice to also have the -a option, to make it compatible with versions in other distros.


icons/user_comment.png J. E. wrote: (7 years ago)

openSUSE uses pwdutils while those other distros (Fedora, Debian) use pkg-shadow. It is pretty much incompatible already (for example the meaning of -m is inverted).
It looks like pkg-shadow received -a later than pwdutils, because pwdutils already has -A, -G and -R, the latter two of which you cannot find an equivalent in pkg-shadow. So I would not bother with adding -a for the sake of having -a.

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