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Move libvclplug_kde4lx.so library to libreoffice-kde4 package

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kde4 integration on openSUSE's LibO version is still problematic, so many kde users (including myself) prefer to not use kde integration at all instead of fighting problems generated by that integration (which as a mater of fact, it is not enabled on upstream LibO).
But uninstalling libreoffice-kde4 package is not enough: the library(1) libvclplug_kde4lx.so must be deleted or renamed, something that must be done on EVERY LibO update.
Moving libvclplug_kde4lx.so library from libreoffice-libs-gui to libreoffice-kde4 will easy LibO setup for kde users that do not want to use kde4 integration.

(1) located at /usr/lib64/libreoffice/basis-link/program/ on 64 bits systems.

User benefit:

Not all kde4 users are happy with the kde4 integration enabled on openSUSE's LibO version, but there is no straightforward way of disabling it.
In order to not ask unhappy users to perform dangerous operations as root (after all, rm is a dangerous command), to gather every LibO's kde4 related library on the same package will give the user more options.


People with problems like Bug #674806 (there are many others) that do not want to use kde4 integration but are afraid of using rm command on a system folder will see this as an enhancement.


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