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Per-instance (temporary) repo enabling in zypper

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in yum it is possible to enable a repository only for one instance.
yum --enable development install rhythmbox
will install rhythmbox from disabled repo development.
yum --disable repo fedora install x
will install package x from other repo, which packages have less priority than
fedora's packages and the fedora's packages are preffered by yum.

per-instance repo management is good idea, esp. if you're not willing to permanently update your whole system to factory, but eg. update single firefox.

User benefit:

You won't need to enable and disable repos every time you want only concrete packages from a repo.


  • Enhancement bug report (https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=371793)


Jon is an active Mozilla contributor and wants to ensure Firefox is the same stable and featured downstream so he calles zypper up --enable mozilla:factory mozillafirefox and gets fresh firefox along with other required packages without enabling and disabling repo by hand or updating whole system accidentaly.


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