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Yast installation - more options for marking packages from a list to be updated

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I use many different software repositories in YaST for updating and often there are packages of the same name, which

  1. got an older version number, although they are newer,
  2. are only automatic rebuilds depending on other packages, but they haven't changed themself (OpenSUSE marks them a change in the Y part of a X.Y release number in RPM packages).

This makes it many times difficult to select the packages I want really to update and I have to mark many of them manually.

I'd appreciate to more options for selecting packages in a shown package list:

  1. Select different packages (regardless whether they have a newer version or release number)
  2. Select packages which are not built automatically due to other package changes (or however to call this shortly for a menu entry).

User benefit:

This definitely saves time for updates when using multiple repositories in YaST.


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