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YaST installation with a preview of changes / changelog on demand

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YaST Installation offers me a list of updateable packages, but usually it would be interesting for me, which changes have been made to them and whether updating is intersting for me.
of course, best would be to see only a diff, but I understand that building a diff might be hard to do, because it depends on the local, preinstalled package and the repository it cames from. This could be probably done jut for the official OpenSUSE update repository.

At least I would appreciate to get the new changelog on demand by marking a package in YaST and providing a "demand changelog action" on it.

User benefit:

This would save network resources and in case of necessary post-install actions as in my use-case even time for those people updating there systems frequently.


A practical use-case: I use the kernel from the Tumbleweed repository, but need the native NVidia driver. There is no precompiled NVidia driver RPM for Tumbleweed kernels, thus, I have to recompile the driver by myself each time I update my kernel. Tumbleweed kernel updates appear very often, so it would be interesting whether I have to care about the changes made to them before installing and therefore having to recompile my graphics drivers.


icons/user_comment.png H. H. wrote: (5 years ago)

I would love to see such a feature too. In the ubuntu update manager the changelogs are implemented as requested (only the changes since the installed version up to the newest installable version).

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