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A better workflow for KSUSEInstall

Feature state

openSUSE Infrastructure


The current workflow for KSUSEInstall for application/x-perl:

  1. Look up matches in known repositiories (time-consuming).
  2. Offer to add another repository (puzzling).
  3. Fail and open in the inherited handler (kwrite)

A better workflow:

  1. If there is a cached result for application/x-perl, go to 5.
  2. Open in the inherited handler (kwrite).
  3. Look up matches in known repositories.
  4. Cache the results and stop.
  5. Display the possibilities and act upon the operator’s choice.
  6. If operator chooses to use the inherited handler, offer to remember the association for future use.

User benefit:

Waiting for all those dialogue boxes to get and digest their data is a "killer app", especially when somebody asks you "show me this".


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