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Replace bugzilla screening team with a Perl script

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Hackweek VI


Over the years, the task of the bugzilla screening team has reduced to scanning incomming reports for words that look like package names and reassigning the bugs to the maintainers of these packages. One exception is asking for y2logs if the bug is yast-related and there are no y2logs. A Perl script could do this as well, and it could even be improved over time, which is not possible right now, because bug screening is assigned to someone else each time and anything that the previous screener has learnt is lost. The script probably wouldn't know the answer in all cases, so we would still need a human operator to take care of the unclear cases, but this person would be much less loaded and thus have more time to do their job well.

User benefit:

Better quality of bugzilla screening.


icons/user_comment.png M. M. wrote: (7 years ago)

Git repository is here: . But there is nothing usable yet.

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