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UPEK support in Yast Fingerprint

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some Lenovo laptops use the UPEK driver for fingerprint. Using the latest version of fingerprint-gui (which also ships the UPEK drivers) gives me a perfect functionality of my device. However, Yast does still not recognize my device. Could it be easily implemented?

Maybe provide packages for fingerprint-gui, too, and Fedora's system-config-authentication: http://diegobz.net/2009/08/29/fingerprint-authentication-using-kde-on-fedora-11/


icons/user_comment.png F. C. wrote: (7 years ago)

I think you are confusing issues.
UPEK drivers should be up to date in Factory (I updated them in August).

Having a separate UI (ie the one available from GNOME), as well as switching to fprintd and pam-fprintd is a different issue and would also require some changes in yast2-fingerprinting to discuss directly with fprintd instead of writing/reading information on disk.

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